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Late Season Discount on Walking Holidays in Slovenia!

For all bookings of tours, starting on or after 20th September we give 5% discount on basic price!

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Walking Via Alpina

A classic walk, starting at the top and descending along mountain ridges, meadows and valleys.

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9 Waters Walk

Walk on water, well near it at least. Lakes and rivers in abundance for intrepid water lovers.

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Julian Alps Peak Walk

A breathtaking walking holiday along alpine lakes, valleys, mountain ridges and plateaus.

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Lakes And Valleys Tour

A walking tour through a dreamlike, picturesque alpine landscape.

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Walking Sun Trail

Walk above and under a vast limestone landscape, sip fine wine & eat local food while basking in the sunshine.

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Multisport Adventure Tour

A multi-sport holiday packed with a variety of outdoor pursuits amid breathtaking alpine scenery.

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