Romantic beginnings!


To say that Helia originated as a garage firm would be a bit of a liar. Namely, Helia started operating in the famous Bled confectionery :)

When we set up the company twenty years ago, the money was enough just to register the company and pay the required deposit. No money for anything else, so the “employees” met once a week for coffee in the pastry shop for the first three months. As we earned the first cents, we immediately invested them in an “office space” where our faithful Saša reigned supreme on six square meters for the next five years. At that time we also bought the first bikes - six pieces and we felt like we were big guys and a serious agency. They were "iron" Peugeot bikes, and we worked with the famous company, which was the first in history to start mass-producing bikes in series, until the sad end of their cycling program.

Today, our spaces are a hundred times biger and we have more than four hundred bicycles in our warehouses.