Erasmus - legendary knight of Predjama castle

In the 15th century, the castle as we know it today and is associated with Erasmus of Predjama, did not exist. Behind them in the rock stood the castle of Jama or Luegg.

Erasmus was a famous man. Handsome, young, promising, son of the Trieste chief Nicholas, captain of the emperor's bodyguard Frederick III. Austrian.

The emperor became embroiled in a war with the legendary Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus. Many Austrian captains joined the modern king, and among them was Erasmus' best friend Andrej Baumkircher from Vipava.

When the emperor found out, he had Baumkircher killed, and this severely affected Erasmus. He felt less and less belonging to his ruler, and a scandal broke out at one of the imperial receptions. Marshal of the Imperial Army Pappencheim stood up and spoke ill of Baumkircher. Erazem therefore challenged him to a duel in which he killed him.

Before taking revenge on the emperor, he went to Predjama, but without hiding - he offered his sword and castle in the service of Matthias Corvinus. From the Cave, Hungarian cavalry under Erasmus' leadership attacked Trieste twice. This was the outpost of Matthias Corvinus on his penetrating route to the west. At that time, he already had half of Slovenia under his rule.

Because of this and not because of the robbery marches, the Trieste chief began to besiege the Cave. During the siege, Erazem took care of himself through a secret tunnel. Unable to defeat him otherwise, they bribed one of his men to betray him. He lit a candle on the window of Erasmus' room, not the toilet as many believe, and this led the Trieste archers to shower Erasmus with stone bullets.

The Habsburgs burned the castle. Because they also wanted to kill Erasmus as a historical figure, they spread the story of a robber knight who died in the toilet.

Erazem Predjamski represents the virtues that we want to revive even today: friendship, militancy, fearlessness - chivalry.

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