Helia Privacy Policy (GDPR)


Helia Tours values your privacy. This aim of this privacy policy is to inform you in a clear and transparent way on how we deal with and process your personal data. We guarantee your privacy and take full responsibility for ensuring that all your personal information is dealt with in complete confidentiality.
Helia Tours complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means that:
Only the personal data that we need for our purposes is collected. The purpose and type of data is described herein.
When we need to process your personal data your permission will be obtained first.
Every measure is taken to ensure the safety and security of your personal data in order to meet the requirements of the regulation.
Your personal data will never be disclosed to other parties, except when necessary to achieve the purpose for which the data was collected.
Your rights will always be respected with regards to your personal data, and you will always be informed of them.
Helia Tours takes full responsibility for processing your personal data. In case you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact us:
Helia d.o.o. Trubarjeva cesta 8, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

Data processing
If you fill out a form for us, book a tour, make an enquiry via email, social media, telephone or any other way, or purchase any of our products, we collect data from you directly, as required. Data is also collected when you use our website. We may also collect data from third parties such as partners, agencies, payment processors, advertisers, and/or analytics providers. All your data is stored in a secure platform. Your personal data is only used for processing as outlined below or something similar:
1. Data Usage. Data obtained about the use of our website and services may be processed, which may include IP address, browser type, operating system, geographical location, page views, website navigation paths, frequency and/or pattern of your use of our website. Our analytics tracking systems, such as Google Analytics, are used for this purpose. We use this data is order to analyse how our website is used, to ensure that we only deliver relevant content and advertising to our customers or potential customers, and to understand our website’s users. We only use this data for our legitimate interest, such as monitoring and improving our website, marketing and other services.
2. Customer Data. The following type of user data may be processed by us, such as name, email address, physical address, telephone number, credit card number, language spoken, company name (if applicable), Chamber of Commerce number (if applicable), VAT number (if applicable), age, height etc (in regard to bike size), diet-information (in case you have special wishes/requirements regarding meals) and other relevant data. We need this data in order to supply content, products and/or services to you, and/or to fulfil a travel or tour agreement. We also need it to market other relevant tours and services to you in the future. When you enter into a contract with us for any of our services or products, consent will be obtained from you to process this data in a safe and secure way. Your consent provides us with a legal basis for processing and using this data only for the delivery and realisation of such services and any future offers and correspondence that you agree to receive.
3. User Data. When you subscribe to our email notifications, newsletters and any other free content, we may process any personal information that you provide. Also, any communication data that you send to us, be it through social media, email, post or any other methods, may also be processed in order to communicate with you. This is so that we can effectively deliver relevant marketing content either through our website, email, or post. The legal basis for this is to help grow our business, and also keep records which may be needed to pursue or defend a legal action.

Third parties
We will never share your data with unrelated third parties. Your information may be disclosed to relevant partners who need it in order to carry out their part of the work on your behalf, such as third parties who carry out parts of the tour or travel arrangements for your booking, payment service providers, marketing and administrative providers, business advisors etc. Also, if in the future we sell or transfer parts of our company the buyer will receive any data that is relevant to this purchase. However, all third parties are also bound by the laws and regulations of GDPR and will keep it secure, respect your privacy and use it in full compliance with the GDPR regulation.
Personal data is only transferred to third parties who have completed a processing agreement, in which we ensure the safety and privacy of your data is adhered to. No data will be transferred to third parties without your written consent, unless there is a legal obligation.

Processing of the personal data of a minor (under 16 years old) will only be done with the written consent of a parent, legal guardian or legal representative.

Data retention period
All personal data will only be retained for as long as necessary in order to fulfil the purpose for which it was obtained, or to satisfy a legal or accounting purpose. In some cases your data may be retained anonymously for the purpose of research for an indefinite period. If your personal data no longer meets any of the above criteria it will be deleted or disposed of in a safe and secure manner. If your personal data needs to be retained for any other reason, such as for delivery of newsletters or offers etc, it will be kept for as long as you give consent. At any time you can personally contact us and request that your data be deleted or disposed of and we will comply, unless there is a legal basis for keeping it, such as a legal dispute, etc.

Data security and breach response

Appropriate technical and organizational measures have been made to protect your personal data against unlawful processing, unauthorised access, misuse, or disclosure. Among other things, we have taken the following precautions:
Every person that is able to access your personal data on behalf of Helia Tours does so under a strict duty of care and has also agreed never to disclose your information to anyone other than described above, in accordance with GDPR.
Our computer systems are fully protected with User-ID’s and strong passwords.
We encrypt personal data and make it anonymous if necessary.
All online bookings are made through a secured connection.
IP-addresses are registered and saved temporarily, but they cannot be traced back to you.
We securely back up personal data in order to restore files in case of physical or technical problems.
We regularly evaluate and test our measures.
Our employees are fully aware of the importance of privacy-protection and comply with them at all times.
In the unlikely event of a breach of personal data, we have procedures in place to deal with it. The breach will be identified, the scope will be determined, and we will write a full report and/or notification if we are legally required to do so.
You acknowledge that despite all our security methods, the personal information you share with us voluntarily could be accessed or tampered with by an unauthorised third party. You also agree that we cannot be held responsible for any information obtained and/or shared through our website or social media channels without our knowledge or permission. Additionally, you release us from any and all claims arising out of or related to the use of any such information obtained in an unauthorised manner. You also agree to notify us of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your information.

Changes to this privacy policy
You acknowledge and agree that you have reviewed this privacy policy and that you will continue to review this policy so that you are aware of any changes or modifications. We reserve the right to update or change our privacy policy at any time. If we make any material changes to this privacy policy, you will be notified either through the email address you have provided, or by placing a prominent notice on our website.

Your rights to privacy

Your rights under data protection laws include the right to access, correct, restrict, erase and/or object to our use and processing of your personal data, as well as the right to portability of the data. You have the right to confirm and consent as to how and where we process your data. To the extent that the legal basis for our processing allows, you have the right to withdraw at any time. We may ask you to identify yourself before we can meet the above requests.

If you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data, we ask that you please contact us immediately. We will do everything possible to resolve the problem. You have the right to submit your complaint to the Slovenian governmental data protection supervising authority.


Varovanje zasebnosti in piškotki

Izjava turistične agencije Helia o zavezanosti k varovanju osebnih podatkov

Turistična agencija Helia se zavezuje, da bo varoval zaupnost osebnih podatkov in zasebnost svojih strank. Zbrane osebne podatke strank bo Helia uporabljala samo in izključno za opravljanje lastnih storitev. Turistična agencija Helia spoštuje zakonodajo in posledično zaupnost osebnih podatkov strank. Zavezuje se, da bo zaščitila stranke pred kršitvami in zlorabami. Turistična agencija Helia posveča pridobivanju, obdelavi in hranjenju podatkov posebno skrb in pozornost in se zaveda občutljive narave tega področja.

Uporaba osebnih podatkov

Turistična agencija Helia za potrebe opravljanja storitev, ki jih ponuja, zbira, vodi, obdeluje in shranjuje naslednje uporabnikove podatke:

ime in priimek;
naslove za poštne dopise;
firmo oz. naziv pravne osebe (če je uporabnik pravna oseba);
davčno številko pravne osebe (če je uporabnik pravna oseba);
naslov elektronske pošte (uporabniško ime);
kontaktno telefonsko številko;
druge podatke, ki jih uporabnik prostovoljno vnese v obrazce v spletnem poslovanju;
Helia ne odgovarja za pravno pravilnost, celovitost in ažurnost podatkov, ki jih vnesejo uporabniki,.

Izvajanje politike zasebnosti

Turistična agencija Helia ima, varovanje osebnih podatkov urejeno s posebnim Pravilnikom o zavarovanju osebnih podatkov, skladno z Zakonom o varovanju osebnih podatkov.

Vsi  pri Helii zaposleni, iz rednega ali honorarnega delovnega razmerja, ki imajo v okviru delovnih nalog dostop do osebnih in drugih podatkov uporabnikov, poznajo določila Pravilnika o zavarovanju osebnih podatkov in z dolžnostjo varovanja osebnih in drugih podatkov ter so obvezani upoštevati določila o varovanju zaupnosti osebnih podatkov in zasebnosti uporabnikov. Dolžnost varovanja osebnih in drugih podatkov velja časovno neomejeno, tudi po prenehanju delovnega razmerja.

Stranke lahko lahko kadarkoli prenehajo uporabljati storitve agencije. S pisno izjavo zahtevajo izbris svojih podatkov. Pred izbrisom mora uporabnik Helii poravnati vse  neporavnane obveznosti iz naslova opravljenih turističnih storitev.


Pravica do obveščanja

Stranka ima pravico do brezplačnih informacij o lastnih osebnih podatkih, s katermi upravlja Helia in tudi pravico do izbrisa svojih podatkov. Če imate vprašanja glede izbrisa, predelave ali uporabe vaših podatkov, se obrnite na Helio prek elektronske pošte na naslovu: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ali nam pošljite zahtevek po običajni pošti.

Ravnanje z obvestili: po prostovoljni prijavi na obvestila bosta vaše ime, tel. številka in vaš elektronski naslov z vašim dovoljenjem uporabljena v namene obveščanja o ponudbi Helie, dokler se ne odjavite. Na prejemanje obvestil se prijavite le, če je ob naročilu pokljukano , ki vam omogoča prijavo. 

V primeru vpisa e-mail naslova na Facebook ali v obrazec na prvi strani helia.si Helia elektronski naslov stranke shrani za obveščanje in promocije. Iz baze prejemnikov se stranka lahko kadarkoli odjavi s sporočilom na This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ali s klikom na povezavo 'Odjava' na dnu e-mail sporočil.

Stranka ima pravico da od turistične agencije Helia, kot upravljavca osebnih podatkov v vsakem trenutku zahteva dostop do svojih osebnih podatkov in nadaljnje informacije:

o namenu obdelave,
o vrstah osebnih podatkov, uporabnikih ali kategorijah uporabnikov, ki so jim bili ali jim bodo razkriti strankini osebni podatki, posebej za uporabnike v tretjih državah ali mednarodnih organizacijah,
o predvidenem obdobju hrambe osebnih podatkov in merilih, ki se uporabljajo za določitev obdobja,
o obstoju avtomatiziranega sprejemanja odločitev, vključno z oblikovanjem profilov.
O razlogih zanj kot tudi pomenu in predvidenih ter možnih posledicah take obdelave za posameznika.
Stranka lahko zahteva eno (brezplačno) kopijo osebnih podatkov v obliki, ki jo določim sama. Če je zahteva podana z elektronskim sredstvom za komunikacijo in ne zahteva drugače, se kopija zagotovi v elektronski obliki.
Stranka lahko zahteva  popravek netočnih osebnih podatkov.
Stranka lahko zahteva omejitev obdelave, če oporeka točnosti osebnih podatkov, in sicer za obdobje, ki upravljavcu omogoča natančno preveriti točnost osebnih podatkov, če je obdelava nezakonita in ali stranka nasprotuje izbrisu osebnih podatkov ter namesto tega zahteva omejitev njihove uporabe,
Stranka lahko zahteva izbris vseh osebnih podatkov (pravica do pozabe), če so izpolnjene predpostavke iz 17. člena Splošne uredbe o varstvu podatkov, predvsem pa v primeru, kadar prekliče svojo privolitev za obdelavo osebnih podatkov.
Stranka lahko zahteva izpis svojih osebnih podatkov v podrobni, splošno uporabljani in strojno berljivi obliki. Ob tem ima pravico, da te podatke posreduje drugemu upravljavcu, ne da bi me Helia pri tem ovirala.
Stranka lahko kadarkoli zahteva prenehanje uporabe osebnih podatkov za namene neposrednega trženja.
Stranka lahko zahteva da zanjo ne velja odločitev, ki temelji zgolj na avtomatizirani obdelavi, vključno z oblikovanjem profilov, ki ima pravne učinke v zvezi z mano ali na podoben način name znatno vpliva, če so izpolnjene predpostavke iz člena 22 Splošne uredbe o varstvu podatkov.
Strankam ima pravica, da zoper upravljavca vloži pritožbo pri informacijskem pooblaščencu, če meni, da obdelava mojih osebnih podatkov krši Splošno uredbo o varstvu podatkov. 
Postopek uveljavljanja strankinih pravic

Stranka je seznanjena, da lahko vse zgoraj navedene zahteve, ki se tičejo uveljavljanja pravic v zvezi z njenimi osebnimi podatki, naslovi v pisni obliki na Helio in sicer na elektronski naslov This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Stranka je seznanjena, da lahko Helia za potrebe prepričljive ugotovitve istovetnosti v primeru uveljavljanja pravic v zvezi z osebnimi podatki od nje zahteva dodatne podatke, ukrepanje pa lahko zavrne le v primeru, da dokaže, da stranke ne more zanesljivo identificirati.
Stranka je seznanjena, da mora Helia na njeno zahtevo, s katero uveljavlja svoje pravice v zvezi z prej navedenimi osebnimi podatki, odgovoriti brez nepotrebnega odlašanja in najpozneje v enem mesecu od prejema zahteve. 
Izjava o varovanju zaupnosti osebnih podatkov in zasebnosti uporabnikov

Turistična agencija Helia je v skladu s predpisi, ki urejajo varstvo osebnih podatkov, zavezana k varovanju osebnih podatkov uporabnikov njenih storitev. Turistična agencija Helia ne bo pod nobenim pogojem brez izrecnega dovoljenja uporabnika posredoval osebnih oz. drugih podatkov uporabnika tretji osebi oz. ne bo omogočil tretji osebi, da vpogleda v osebne oz. druge podatke uporabnika, razen če bi to od njega zahtevale državne oblasti, če je taka obveznost določena v zakonu, ali v dobri veri, da je tako ukrepanje potrebno za postopke pred sodišči ali drugimi državnimi organi ter za zaščito in uresničevanje zakonitih interesov Helie.
Vsi osebni in drugi podatki, ki jih bo stranka posredovala ob prijavi na storitev bodo varovani v skladu s predpisi, ki urejajo varstvo osebnih podatkov. Turistična agencija Helia teh podatkov ne bo uporabila v namen, ki bi kakorkoli škodoval uporabniku ali drugi vpleteni osebi. Turistična agencija Helia podatkov strank ne bo uporabila za pošiljanje promocijske e-pošte ali drugega nezaželenega promocijskega materiala, razen za pošiljanje tistih promocijskih obvestil, na katere se bo uporabnik naročil oz. s katerimi bo soglašal. Turistična agencija Helia lahko podatke v anonimizirani sumarni obliki uporabi za namene statističnih analiz. Zaupnost osebnih in drugih podatkov uporabnikov ne bo kršena v nobeni obliki.
Turistična agencija Helia bo osebne podatke strank vodila v zbirki osebnih podatkov samo toliko časa, kot je nujno potrebno in da se doseže namen, za katerega se osebni podatki zbirajo in vodijo.

Ponudnik Helia d.o.o. na svojih spletnih straneh uporablja spletne piškotke.

Piškotki so tekstovne datoteke, ki se ob obisku in uporabi spletnega mesta shranijo na uporabnikovo napravo, s katero uporabnik dostopa do spletnega mesta. Ob ponovnem obisku spletnega mesta lahko ponudnik dostopa do podatkov na uporabnikovi napravi, ki so se zbrali s pomočjo piškotkov.

Njihovo shranjevanje je pod popolnim nadzorom brskalnika, ki ga ima uporabnik - ta lahko shranjevanje piškotkov po želji omeji ali onemogoči. Piškotki niso škodljivi in so vedno časovno omejeni.

Helia d.o.o. s pomočjo piškotkov zagotavlja boljše ter uporabniku bolj prijazno in osebno prilagojeno delovanje in prikazovanje spletnega mesta, obenem pa mu piškotki pomagajo pri analizi uporabnikov, beleženju obiska (statistični nameni) ter za bolj učinkovito oglaševanje. Piškotki opravljajo številne funkcije – omogočajo sledenje obiska spletnih strani, omogočajo spremembo jezika, preko piškotkov pa se shranjujejo tudi informacije o tem, ali ste naročnik na naše spletne novice.

Onemogočanje piškotkov

Sami odločate, ali boste dovolili shranjevanje piškotkov na vaši napravi. Nastavitve za piškotke lahko nadzirate in spreminjate v vašem spletnem brskalniku.

Za informacije o nastavitvah za piškotke izberite spletni brskalnik, ki ga uporabljate. 

Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 7 in 8
Če spremenite ali izbrišete brskalnikovo datoteko s piškotki, spremenite ali nagradite vaš brskalnik ali napravo, boste morda morali ponovno onemogočiti piškotke. Postopek za upravljanje in brisanje piškotkov se razlikuje od brskalnika do brskalnika. Če pri tem potrebujete pomoč, lahko pogledate v brskalnikovi pomoči uporabnikom. Sledenju Google Analytics lahko onemogočite tudi na naslednji povezavi.

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